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Any responsible business owner or manager knows how important it is to protect their enterprise against all threats, both external and internal. On a domestic front, our homes are often our life’s work, but all too often we leave ourselves vulnerable. A properly designed monitoring system can save a lot of potential distress acting as an effective deterrent. Our systems not only save potential hazards, but often decrease insurance premiums. Whether your place of business is a shop, office or factory, cctv cameras and burglar alarms will provide you protection against burglars, thieves, aggressive customers and employees. Domestically, we offer peace of mind, protection and solutions. We retail a huge variety of equipment, bespoke designs and expert installation of CCTV systems. We offer cctv cameras recording in high definition quality. We pride ourselves in sourcing the perfect system for each customer, whether it is a small, relatively inexpensive installation or extensive system of monitoring with a contiguous range of high quality cameras encompassing your premises.

Burglar Alarm

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Investing in a professional alarm system may be one of the best decisions of your life. The primary purpose of burglar alarms is to provide a deterrent to potential criminals. The safety of your family or business is paramount, providing the best possible alarm system to suit your needs is of principal importance for us too. ALX Security has a diverse range of burglar alarms tailored to each situation and personal or professional requirement; we have something suitable for every budget. Our multi-function alarms have a great range of features that go well above the usual standard, including; alarm management via telephone and mobile, and ascetically pleasing wireless alarms. We love wireless systems at ALX; not only our alarms are more economical to install and service; they never spoil the aesthetics of a room; and do not require any interference with the structure of a building. As part of your comprehensive service we keep you well informed about your equipment; providing maintenance alerts and periodic reviews. Always ensuring competitive prices and superior quality

About ALX Security

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ALX Security has established a continuously successful enterprise within our market for almost a decade. During this time, we were able to earn the trust of hundreds of customers, so that today we have a secure and strong place in the market, and with our industry of security monitoring. We have worked exceptionally hard to attain the quality and accuracy of our services. We are a customer lead business; always listening to our customers to understand markets and requirements; and what is most important to you. ALX Security is renowned for its technical expertise and human resources; we are able to comfortably manage the largest and most demanding projects. Whilst we always appreciating and hold in great priority our smaller customers, because there is no work for us, too small or too large. We welcome all in our enterprise.

Our Principles

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For many years we have been present on the market for business and domestic security services. Among our satisfied customers are owners of factories, pubs, restaurants, retail shops, beauty salons, and your private homes. Every business and premises is different and therefore each client is valued individually with an accurate and appropriate strategy for implementing each security system and service. We are able to carry out every project quickly, efficiently, economically and with the least disruption every customer appreciated. By choosing ALX Security you can be assured that you will have a professional and state of the art cctv monitoring and alarm system and service, designed in accordance with the latest innovations in security technology and understanding. Our service is always on time and at a fair price.