cctv cameras


We offer a wide range of internal and external CCTV cameras from various manufacturers and specialist cameras designed for specific market sectors and client applications. We offer digital IP and analogue cameras, operating in high definition (720p, 1080p and greater) and standard definition (420p, 570p).

IP Camera

The IP Camera is technically far superior to analogue CCTV systems which use technology developed over fifty years ago based on television broadcasting methods. An Internet Protocol camera unlike analog closed circuit television cameras can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet. The biggest advantages are higher video quality and
due to the ability to receive data IP cameras can work with a wide range of advanced surveillance software.

Dome Camera

Dome cameras offer an aesthetic design wherein the camera, lens and cabling are hidden and protected inside of a domed enclosure. They come in internal and external variants (often vandal proof), with or without IR (infra red) illumination. More expensive models have the ability to pan, tilt and zoom.